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Two Lost Souls

Apr 18, 2020 by Analieze Cervantes
When breakups happen, we often reinvent the moment when they might come back like a flash of lightning zapping into our minds for a brief moment. Imaginging the words, their body language and whether or not they'd ever be ours again. You write out the quiver of their lips and the love in their eyes. You reach for their hand but not before you studied the stage. You breathe their scent like they've never left. You watch their eyes, the way they lean in or the lack of. Remembering a time where you were all they talked about. When they told you they loved you and you believed it. However, those moments can't be written out because you beg for it to happen. You feel the separation in the air as you look over and see they've changed. That they haven't been yours for a while. Time escaping from you. A love that fell short. But what if you could have a moment of clarity? Would you take the opportunity to be with that person who was once yours or would it be too broken for you to fix? If you could be with them what would you say? Would you take them into your arms? Or would you let them walk away? Watching as two souls who were so entertwined slip away like two lost souls in a world of madness.

This part is Lucas... Enjoy.

Escape of Time

Apr 18, 2020 by Analieze Cervantes
When breakups happen, we often reinvent the moment when they might come back like a flash of lightning zapping into our minds for a brief moment. Imaginging the words, their body language and whether or not they'd ever be ours again. You write out the quiver of their lips and the love in their eyes. You reach for their hand but not before you studied the stage. You breathe their scent like they've never left. You watch their eyes, the way they lean in or the lack of. Remembering a time where you were all they talked about. When they told you they loved you and you believed it. However, those moments can't be written out because you beg for it to happen. You feel the separation in the air as you look over and see they've changed. That they haven't been yours for a while. Time escaping from you. A love that fell short.

Here are two posts of two different POV's. This part is Embers... Enjoy.

My Brain Remembers

Jan 01, 2020 by Analieze Cervantes
Do you remember every moment? A moment where everything was blissful and warm. A moment where you nustled your head beneath that warmth, remembering that touch like it's never left? Replaying it in your mind over and over again. Becoming familiar and safe. It's amazing how our minds remember the things our hearts have forgotten. Don't you ever sometimes feel like it be better if we escape from our reality and be surrounded by things that make us happy? I had happiness... It wasn't perfect but it was enough to make me stay. However, that piece of paradise left me back in April... SO, all I have left are memories. Please visit: Writing from the Heart for others similar to this one. Here is a poem, enjoy.

Memory Of US

Dec 29, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
Powerful flashes of lightning that only lasts for seconds, but then lingers on for miles.
An object, a moment can project a memory on the black screen of our minds. A scent even. It's what we do with that memory that illustrates how we're going to learn from it. Memories last for decades but begin to decay as time grows. So, that feeling of love does it last? Do these objects lose memory of that moment? Does it hold the memory in its surface--forever? At times we want to relive that moment once more just so we can have a few more seconds of happiness. A happiness that fled for many reasons. Reasons uknown to our hearts because it continues to yearn. However, the mind communicates to the heart of how we felt at the time. It's what we do with that memory. That matters...

This, Too Will Pass

Jul 04, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes

Nothing escapes the feeling of heartbreak. The endless amount of pain that doesn't seem to vanish as quickly as falling in love. Falling in love is easy. It doesn't take long for someone to see the true value in someone that you know has a beautiful heart. Do you ever feel like the person who broke your heart, is your soulmate? That in this moment, nothing compares to them. Yet, sometimes love is never enough to sustain the relationship because you just weren't their person anymore. If that were the case, then I wouldn't be writing this right now. I'd be happy and fulfilled. I wouldn't be fighting myself to find my heart, the same heart he mended and loved but then he ripped it out-- taking it with him. But someone once told me... "This, too will pass." You're not alone. I'm here. I know what you're feeling. I hope this helps, if not, I hope you find peace and love. And when you do...cherish it.

Promised Footprints

Apr 26, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
What if there was someone you thought was the love of your life, then in a split second they disappear like footprints in the sand? That there were promises, talks about the future and this natural instinct that they were the one. By the little things... the littlest of things like picking you up from the airport, reading your writing, giving your favorite snacks, opening the car door, and taking you to your favorite restaurant. Promising you that he'll be your rock for the rest of your life with a ring. Then suddenly, all of those promises were just lies. Lies that cloked your eyes--blinding you because you fell in love. I fell in love... then my heart ached like it was meant to. Like it was destined to. 

Bonfire of the Heart

Mar 14, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
Working jobs that have no meaning to you, takes a toll on you. It makes your smile disappear and making you work at something just for money. They always say, "If you work for something that you're passionate for then you'll never work a day in your life." Meaning that you won't have to fight with yourself to get out of bed. You'll be energized and happy. It won't seem like your working all the time because you find this to be your pride and joy. I recently was given an interview for publishing and I was extremely nervous-- yet excited. I wanted to be perfect and answer any of there questions and hope that they'd choose me. But they didn't. They went with another applicant and I broke down. I thought of myself as nothing. I thought it was all me. That I'm not good enough to be chosen. Here is an article on how much I've struggled and how much I won't give up on this dream that is just an ember but will radiate into a beautiful bonfire. 

In the Reflection

Feb 09, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
Have you ever wondered about the 'what if's'? Have you ever felt that the things that happened, that the things that didn't work out always had a reason? A reason that was never brought to our attention until a moment of reflection. Reflecting how things gradually make there way back, how things start to make sense, and that every little worry was washed away. I've been reflecting a lot lately, feeling so lost when it comes to my writing career but somehow feeling hopeful that time will come. That my turn is around the corner and that I have to work hard and be patient. However, there are moments where things seem to go right but then everything slowly fades away. So, in this moment of reflection... I reflected on a poem I wrote back in August 2018. In the moment, where I genuinely felt lost and that nothing could make it better. Enjoy this reflection.

Designed Talent

Jan 14, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
Have you ever been a situation you thought was the course you needed to take?
I've had many of those, some were great and some weren't as great. Wanting to shape myself to that job and be like the others who have found success. However, we all have our talents. Some may draw, play and create music, some may be good at persuading and others are just naturally designed to be a writer. Those talents are perfected by the so many times you do it. Acting as second nature because you were scuplted to that design. I used to play the tenor saxophone and I haven't played it in years. But, I'm sure that if I pick it up for a day... Everything will resurface like a wave to the shore. Clear. Collected. Enjoyable. I've come to the realization that I can't control the things I'm not good at. But, what I can control is my attitude and positivity that someday my dream will come true. Designed to creating a unique story for my characters. Enjoy this article. 

Remembering Ember

Nov 25, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Loving someone who's be in your life for years is a long process. Sometimes you must go through your own hardships to get to the place you need to be-- to finally make it home. These kind of stories are meant to be shared. The kind that you knew would be your forever. Sometimes you have to go through 6 heartbreaks before you find the one. Maybe you need to be left, only to be found again. Maybe you need to accept the things that you may not be able to control. Maybe you need to have one tough heartbreak that tears you apart and you need to find someone who won't break you because they truly love you. Being blind to something that was always in front of you can mislead you down a path. I am guilty for that. Thinking that a person who was right for me, only ends up truly wrong for me because he always knew how to reel me in for his sanity. Then to drop me off when it becomes too much-- out of fear. Here is a snippet of Lucas Avery. A moment where he realizes that who he's been looking for was that same six year old girl sitting before him today.

Rooted Inspiration

Nov 24, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Have you ever lost motivation to write? Or having trouble to see eye to eye with the characters that you're trying to convey? There have been many times where I looked into the mirror and got frustrated with myself because nothing was going how I wanted it. Staring at the cursor blinking is the enemy for a writer, a writer who's trying to understand the things why they were having issues from keeping the cursor from blinking too long and who's trying to find their spark. Sometimes the enemy can be "having little time" to make the story come from your mind and to be permanent on paper. Here are some ways to keep your inspiration rooted at your fingertips. Some advice to writer to writer. Or advice to anyone who has trouble just sitting down and writing academic papers. Finding your spark is what you need to turn on the engine in your mind, all you need is inspiration and motivation. 

Disillusionment of a Dream

Oct 20, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Being woken up from a dream that is wonderful makes it hard to get up because you just want to cuddle with this dream and hold onto it. Yet, there are sometimes where dreams turn into nightmares and you very much wish for it to end-- to forget it. I saw a bright light for a few seconds and then it disappeared with disillusionment and greed. My heart and love was fooled. I was given the words I wanted to hear and in the end it was all fake. What do you do with that? How do you get your head out of that moment? How do you keep going and hope that something real will come along? Something that will help you with the moment in which took your dream away. Don't give up on your dream, because I haven't yet. NOT YET. I hope you take this to heart and share with all your loved ones. Enjoy this post.

Bright Light

Sep 04, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
How would you react to something you never thought about? How would you take on something that is just so life changing? So quick that you didn't have time to process it. That you didn't have time to react. In the midst of my family struggle, I was also given a given a gift-- a bright light in which was dim for a long time. My heart was dim, had so many cracks of broken promises, and had no will to search for someone who will take all the pain away. I had lost all hope but now it's something I can't believe, happiness was happening right now. That I'm finally happy, ready to take on this adventure. So what would you do if you separated from someone for so long and now they come back and they aren't going anywhere? How would you react? Love and happiness are meant for everyone. I'm so blessed for this uphill adventure. Here is a snippet of hope when all is lost, Enjoy :)

Overwhelming Ride

Jul 25, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Have you ever began to wonder where you're meant to be? Or how many obstacles you need to get there? I had plenty. Life is supposed to be lived in the most creative way. Learning, prospering, wondering, and wanting. I mostly live mine through writing. Trying to write the most organic, truest, beautiful and authentic pieces of art. It also helps me cope with all the bad cards I've dealt. It inspires me. With your support, you inspire me. But, giving up doesn't seem like an option. It's withering in my veins to keep going. To push through every bit of throws. I've learned that through our experiences... It transforms us into the person we're meant to be even if that dream seems a little too far. Feeling like you're on a nonstop rollercoaster, hoping to break free. 

Temporary Moment

Jul 12, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Everyday, we have these moments-- moments that become a part of us. That become branded into our brain cells and there's no way to wash them away. It's proof that they lived, that you lived, that you loved and hoped to keep having. However, sometimes those branded images become too much, creates pain and honesty. But what if you can just imagine a moment the way you expect it and you receive every ounce of feeling back? I've had many moments. Moments where I'm sitting in the car, kissing him and imagine the future with him. Imagining going to 6 flags the way we wanted to, imagining asking him to weddings as my date-- as my person or even imagining going to a basketball game because he's always loved the Lakers. He made so many promises. And broke every single one of them. I'm the one who's left alone. These moments fell short when I no longer had him. When I no longer depicted the person he thought he wanted. I think about him everyday. I think about how real he made me feel and all these emotions I couldn't control because I knew I wanted him. God, I wanted him to be my person more than anything. You'll be taken on this short journey of doubt, hope, love, and realizing that the things we want is something we might not always receive openly. Enjoy this snippet of my story. 

The Unwritten Promise

Jun 02, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
It's been a year since that fatal accident that took the life of the one person she believed was going to be her partner for the rest of her life. Suddenly everything shifts when she's facing another kind of love that doesn't have a foundation yet. She knows she loves him but can she ever love him the way she loved the last? She doubts everything in her body and doubts her ability to see eye to eye. Everything is against them being together. He's a mechanic who has a history of dating lots of girls and his family has a secret that affects her life. She's a dancer, who was at the height of her career but lost it because tragedy struck her twice in a span of three months. So can they be each other's strength? Or will they bring each other down? Here's a snippet from my latest project.

Web of Love and Creating a Platform

May 25, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes

Love is a dangerous thing. Love is a web, it's messy and unknowing on which way you'll be going. Maybe you'll get the childhood love, the high school sweetheart love, or even the fairytale kind of love like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yet, love doesn't come the way we want it to. It's something that doesn't make allowing it to slip from your fingers when you've finally found someone to hold. When you've finally found someone to understand all the flaws that make you, you. Everything doesn't make sense. And it's okay to feel broken at times. I've dealt a lot of cards. I've felt a lot of brokenness. I've held onto those who don't deserve to be held. Yeah, maybe I don't know what unconditional love is. What I know for sure... is the love I feel when I write. Being able to express a love story at the tips of my fingers is something I want to hold onto. That love is something I don't want to lose. Even if it comes with a few more heartbreaks. I'm ready to hold onto something I know will take a lot of hard work. Even if my future doesn't hold my own Prince Charming and I'm okay with that just as long as my Writing career takes off the way I've dreamed of.

Camouflaged Reasoning

May 04, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Reasons, reasons, reasons... Nothing ever makes sense when someone says, "Everything happens for a reason." I honestly don't believe it myself when things happen so rapidly and blinding me before I have the chance to breathe. Everyone can tell you that everything will be okay but will it ever be enough? Will it help get you where you need to be? Will you be able to go on? Yet, the reasons for everything shapes us into the person we're meant to be. It will carve us hollow until we can rebuild what's been damaged. Only then, will everything be okay. Only then, will those reasons become a validation to keep moving forward toward your dream even if it's hard to touch. Follow them, just like how I'm taking risks to try and get there myself. 

Slippery Aspirations

Apr 30, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Dreams, are just dreams until they become real. So, when will you give up? When will you let it all go? When will it not matter anymore? Everyday, seems like I'm free falling about to hit the ground but suddenly the parachute opens up. And I'm no longer fearing for my life, rather embracing it. I don't understand the reasons behind my endless of failures. I don't understand why my dream will always be something I can't touch. Have you gotten yours? Or you did, and you let it slip from your fingers? 

In the Lucas

Apr 17, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
Lucas Avery. A mechanic who lives in Norfolk, Virginia meets a beautiful woman named Ember Peason in the worst time of her life. He becomes intrigued by her beauty, her individuality, her modesty, and her certain way to make anything shine even in her darkest days. In this little snippet, Lucas fights his urges to seek her out, worrying not to scare her off. Worrying that she won't ever speak to him again. In the midst of his admiration for her, he knows he can't be more than just friends because she's unavailable. The more he admires her from afar, the more he wants to know her. To re-learn her defects and her goodness, stemming from a friendship eighteen years ago. And wanting to remember the time when they were inseperable.