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Essence of the Focal Point

Mar 29, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes
It doesn't suprise me when something happens.

Something that is out of your control and something that no longer makes sense, now. I've been in many situations where my dream has been threatened either personally or professionally. I don't think this will ever be controlled, all we can do now is hope. The other day, commuting to a job an hour away from my house-- gets tiring. The drive overall is unbearable and to think I've been doing it for almost 4 years... Yet, the career I want is no where to be found. All I can do is be patient. Patient enough so I can pursue a career I've always dreamed of having.

However, all of the worries goes away when I begin writing. There's something about being able to express myself in world of characters, characters who at times are lost and have the same experiences I have. When I began writing my second novel, "Unbroken Destiny" all I could think of; is that I have to make my protagonist proud. The essence of this story is her. She's the focal point, she's the one that drives her story from my fingertips and she's everything that can make me feel important. She bugs me, she yells at me, and she does everything in her power to keep me up at night. Zoey Brooks is one tough cookie. The emotions I feel when I write is different-- tranquil even. I feel happy as if my future is right around the corner and then I break down. I start to feel lonely when I see everyone else on social media getting their lives settled and I'm still stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill my passion for writing.

I am a WRITER. 

My whole essence comes from the world of my characters, at times I strip them bear just to feel their pain and to understand that this is their story. I live in a world of fiction and reality. Only wanting my reality to become like one of my characters so I won't feel alone. But, what I realized in the last year is that being a WRITER is a lonely career. Brought on by the characters and the storyline that comes with it. I've been placed in situations in which don't make sense and I've brought myself down for not being able to go anywhere or to be something already. But, once I open up my laptop and begin writing their stories, my whole vision becomes enhanced. I begin to feel complete because if I can tell their story then I've done my job as a WRITER. They are the most important to me. 

They created ME.

In my last year of college, that's when I realized my writing has become something beautiful. From writing a short story each week to writing a full length novel is crazy. "Unconscious Memories" became my clear vision-- the essence of why I do this. I asked my sister to read the first half and she fell in love. She wanted me to continue and I didn't want to let her down. I wanted to make her proud. SO, I began writing. Two star-crossed lovers were born right at the tips of my fingers and I was inspired. Their story was born to make me realize that this profession is what I want. I want to write, write, and write. I don't want to be perfect at it, but I'd like to get there. I want to make a career and make it last. To travel between New York, L.A and Seattle. I want to be a published author through the traditional way and I want to share my passion with the world. I have stories to tell and they don't end with Amelia. I want to create a foundation of novels under my name and more than anything I want my writing to become my only set career. To be able to stay home, and just write their stories.

It's all about their story.
And I'm their person to share it.