Analieze Cervantes

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Remembering Ember

Nov 25, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes

I want to kiss her.
But this isn’t the time or the place.

Instead, I kiss her forehead and I break away slowly. Hearing her gasp right before my eyes. Hearing the disappointment ringing from her breath. Her eyes stare into mine and I feel her breath tremble alongside my skin. When I look into her face, I envision a long prosperous future, one that involves the two of us sitting in front of a fire and sipping our cups of coffee. Our hair snowed on white, and cradling her in my tight embrace. Never finding a reason to leave her side. We have a long future ahead, full of pain and love. The kind of love story that is described in books. But, our love story would be different. I truly believe in that. Knowing each other since I had buck teeth and she had this beautiful smile that made me believe that she was more to me than just a friend. She was always beautiful to me, her ashy blonde hair was darker then, and her voice was softer. She had this love for singing and playing music— trying anyways. Now, I don’t think I’ve heard her sing a note or play the old dusted piano sitting in her living room. I haven’t even seen her dance because that was something she always did with her father.

Until he left her.
For another family in Brooklyn.

I hold her hands closer to my face, kissing her fingertips, and smelling the lingering scent off her skin. “You’re beautiful, Ember.”

“I really am not.” She whispers.

“There’s just something about you that makes me want to orbit around you like the moon to the earth.” I say, touching her hand to my prickled cheek.

“Oh, Lucas.” Her eyes soften, and I can’t help but to stare into her face even longer. I can’t help but want to kiss her even though I shouldn’t.

“I remember you Ember.”

She breathes in loudly.

“I remember the way you were, a small little girl who loved herself no matter what other people thought and you always knew how to make everything seem better than the situation was. Always making your sister feel loved and cared for.” I pull her hands to my chest, and my heartbeat quickens. “I remember how inseparable we were even though I knew I annoyed you. That I got under your skin and for that I’m sorry.”