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Jan 14, 2019 by Analieze Cervantes
Everyday is a struggle when it comes to understanding the things you can control and the things you can't. Not everyone can be good at the same thing. Not everyone can make sells and be able to not let the no's affect them. I am the type of person who's been shot with a lot of no's and a lot of I don't know's. Making me doubt my own ability to do the things I know I can do. Forgetting why I am doing the things I want to do. Forgetting that everything doesn't come handed to you but that you must work for it, to get the dream you always had painted inside your head. 

Painting the picture can be expressed in many different ways... Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Playing Music, and even Writing. The art of craftsmanship comes from within and it has it's own branch of uniqueness that we all strive for. I've been shot with a lot of no's and that isn't going to stop me from achieveing my goal as a writer and editor. I envision myself in a office with a desk envaded by stacks of manuscripts. Manuscripts that eventually will become books-- New York Times Best Selling Novels. 

Envisioning myself on my computer doing just this... writing to you and hoping that you find my words to be helpful and intriguing. To share and relate to the things I enjoy doing. Putting all my effort onto paper. Onto the screen. Into your world. Although, there are days where things don't make sense. Where you found a clear road but suddenly being exposed to debris. Staining your path and you're desperately trying to understand the things you can't control. I've been so inclined to control the things I want to. Thinking that if I go through this, then the situation will get better. However, the situation can't get better if you're struggling to understand it. You can't get better if you weren't sculpt to do the job. I am a writer and a reader. I am not a sells person at a store. I can't persuade the world into selling product because I am NOT passionate about it. 

I am PASSIONATE about writing. I know that I am good at it because my audience says I am. Which ultimately motivates me to keep going. To keep reaching for the same goals I've had since I was a little girl. To understand that I am NOT good at everything. Everyone has something they strive on-- the road that leads to their dream of success. I wasn't made to run a business. I was made to inspire my audience through my words, my passion and drive.

So, if you ever feel like you're in a rut... just remember that you weren't designed to tailor to a job you had a feeling you had doubts about. When you are passionate and driven, you won't have doubts. 

You WILL just KNOW.