Analieze Cervantes

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My Brain Remembers

Jan 01, 2020 by Analieze Cervantes

My brain remembers

Every touch,

Every moment,

And every kiss.

A flash of lightning,

That only lasts for seconds,

But lingers on for miles.

The things you said.

The things you promised.

And the word forever stamped

Onto my heart.

Made only for me.

My brain remembers

The way the corner

Of your lips cracked

Into a smile.

Remembering the soft

Gaze as you looked 

Into my eyes, never failing

Yet, always wondering.

If you were good enough

To hold a heart like mine.

And you were good enough.

Because I chose you.

My brain remembers

The way you dug

Your face into my hair. 

Pulling me closer

So I wouldn't fade.

If only you had realized

How I see you.

A heart full of gold.

A dream full of promise.

A warmth that nestled

Me into a sleep beside you.

Remembering you.

The way you were.

So talented that 

It took my breath away.

Hoping I was good enough

Hoping to live the rest

Of my days, studying 

Your every flaw,

Your every strength.

However, falling short.

Forcing me to live

Life without you, again.

Something I didn't want.

My brain remembers

The way your hair 

Fell at the nape of 

Your neck.

Remembering how 

I raked my fingers 

Between the strands.

Captivating you into a dream.

Snuggling closer to me.

The heat of your body,

Bringing me safety.

A home.

The flash of lightning

Reappears by the places

I revisit, the moments

I encounter.

By the food I eat 

And the movies I see.

Imagining your back

In front of me.

Constructing your body

Again inside my head.

Keeping the memory alive.

In case I don't have another moment.

My brain remembers,

Every touch,

Every moment, 

And every kiss. 

Recreating the stage,

Where I saw you play 

The piano, just before


Replaying the notes,

And hoping you'd come home.

Lighting beaming across

The black screen in my mind. 

Redefining every moment.

Wanting to obliterate them

But, knowing I don't want 

To forget how I felt.

The scars on my skin

Are only a reminder

That you existed.

Touching my heart.

Feeling the heartbeat 

Of yours, as I lay my 

Head on your chest.

Feeling happiness embed 

My smile, a smile that

Has dissipated in this 

Time of separation.

Knowing I'd never forget.


So, my brain remembers

Every promise,

Every moment,

And every argument.

Knowing how I felt then.

Wondering if it will ever comeback.