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Rooted Inspiration

Nov 24, 2018 by Analieze Cervantes

There have been many times where I sit at my computer and I just stare at the cursor blinking, counting the seconds between each blink. Hoping that something will trigger some inspiration when it comes to writing. When it comes to creating a world I have inside my head. However, nothing can be forced, even if I try to take a break from the computer or even going outside to see if something sparks. When it comes to inspiration, I usually escape to a quiet room, or close up my computer and take a break.

Keeping inspired has to come within, has to come from the heart and it has to mean something. When I was a little girl, I had this wide imagination, playing house, dressing up, or creating a story with my siblings. We were always outside creating a world far from our reach. When I listened to music, I even found inspiration to write lyrics. I have notebooks full of just lyrics and they are probably not that good but they are symbols of my writing at the time. Reading also helps with keeping the inspiration afloat because you begin to get new ideas. A couple of weeks prior from writing my new project I was reading “Remember to Forget” by Ashley Royer and “Another Day” by David Levitham. Those two different books allowed me to think of a new and fresh love story that I’ve been working on since March of this year. As well as placing a lot of my own experiences within that long love story which I have yet to complete. Writing an authentic love story takes time and a lot of effort to get down to the real meaning on why you are inclined to write it. You need to make your character’s proud. So, keeping inspired can be rather difficult, given that life and work gets in the way. I struggle maintaining my writing from slipping from my fingers because I’m either busy with work or trying to spend quality time with my family. All these things are domino effects to my writing and sometimes due to stress, I struggle to get a couple words down.

Another way I keep inspired is visiting new places, going out and trying to expand your view of the world. Just last year, I road tripped to Portland because I wanted to see Powell’s Bookstore. They have a variety of books that I wanted to have more time to dig into. Then followed I-5 to Seattle and Port Angeles for my love of the Twilight series. However, visiting those two places wasn’t how I pictured inside my head. Traveling does help make the creative juices flow because staying within four walls can be very limited. Very limited to the world we are meant to explore. Then, in August I visited New York City for the 2017 Writer’s Digest Conference. I was being bathed beneath the city lights, I heard the city traffic riddle in my ears, and was surrounded by so much creativity. Through music, scenery, writers, and theatre. New York City allows you to open your eyes and help you envision some kind of story.

Conferences also help give inspiration for writing. When I attended the Writer’s Digest Conference, I was feeling even more inspired because I was surrounded by the same people who want to be successful in the same thing I want success in. However, I had my insecurities because there was so much I wasn’t aware of. The University didn’t teach me half of the ideas there and it allowed me to take those classes to heart. In a span of three days, the conference made me believe in my ability to write and that’s all I wanted to do. Seeing the New York City lights, and the buildings— made me want to stay within the four walls and write. Although, New York is a city where you have to go out and hope for a spark of inspiration. In the conference, I learned about technique, what literary agencies are looking for, query letters, revision, world building, having a platform, genres, and the steps of publishing.  So yes, conferences may be expensive but at least attending one can change your life. At least, that’s what it has done for me.

Another way for sparking inspiration is writing in a quiet place, whether it’s outside beneath the trees, hearing the wind ring in your ears or sitting in a dim room hidden away from all the noise. Having a cup of coffee helps me find inspiration while I write because it warms me up with creativity. Sometimes inspiration comes with the time of day. Finding your time of day helps you write more words per minute. I usually write when the day is at its darkest or midday. There are many ways to feel inspired, it’s just finding your own tune and hoping that the rooted inspiration doesn’t go away with frustration or stress. Keep your held high and don’t give up writing due to minimal inspiration because anything can inspire you. Like spending time with your family, going out on a date with your significant other or going on adventures. At times, holding my boyfriend’s hand can spark significant story telling when it comes to sharing your character’s love story.

Placing real life moments can make your story even more authentic and relatable to your audience. Giving yourself motivation can be a great tool for becoming inspired. I hope that with this, you’ll find ways to be and stay inspired. I know that many times it may get tough with trying to balance life and routine around the lives of your characters. Yet, I know in my heart that if you are extremely passionate about it—everything will smoothly fall into place.