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Moments of Impact
SKU: 978-1543296518

In this new inspiring story about family dysfunctions and a search for self identity. Comes a family trying to make sense of this drastic loss of a woman who held the family together. A family that is now broken. Everyone lost someone, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother and even a wife. Through her own hardships with a drunken father and a sister who enjoyed her late nights out partying. Lucrecia finds herself in a world where she doesn't belong after losing her most precious mother at the age of eight. She doesn't believe she's worthy of love. However, she meets a man who heals her from the hands of her father. He shows her what it means to live without fear and to love unconditionally. Her family reminisces about the person she was to them and how she changed each of them for the better. Revealing her own pain and journey to create a family-- whom will never forget her existence.
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