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Dylan Wiseman

Dylan Wiseman is a recent BYU Marketing grad and author of his debut novel, The Neons. Though he grew up in Texas, Dylan spent the last of his teenage years living in the megacities of Japan, where each lanterned alleyway and chrome skyscraper inspired him to create an urban adventure. With a passion for the cinematic, Dylan prefers his writing to be served in large portions, in dimly lit rooms, and with an atmospheric soundtrack. Dylan now lives in Utah, where he is currently writing the next book in The Neons trilogy and daydreaming of trips to the far-flung corners of the world.  

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Kami Bratten

Kami Bratten finds humans infinitely interesting and is moved by all they can accomplish, endure and create. Having traveled to over twenty-five countries on five continents, Kami is drawn to the ways in which culture impacts place, and how people, at their core, are often very similar. She loves stories of love, in all its varieties, complex families, and what is at stake to believe and to belong. Her favorite words in languages she has learned are furaha (rejoice in Swahili), jingjai (sincere in Thai, literally true heart), and estrella (star in Spanish).

Kami graduated from Brigham Young University and spent her twenties fundraising for basic needs organizations before turning to writing full-time. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she was raised in a bustling home of bright colors and music. She currently lives on the coast of Washington State in an old house full of bright colors, high-energy boys, and stacks of books.

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