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**Purchase of editing services does not guarantee publication or page requests from The Harvey Klinger Literary Agency; purchasing an editing package acts as an agreement that the writer is prohibited from submitting the edited material to Analieze Cervantes when querying The Harvey Klinger Agency. The writer is free to submit to any other agent at Harvey Klinger.**

**If I pass on your submission as Literary Agent then you are prohibited from hiring me for Editorial Services**

**PLEASE do NOT contact me here if it pertains to your query submission. I will not respond. If you need to reach me regarding your submission, feel free to contact me through QueryManager after submitting. Thank you! Can't wait to get in touch!**
**Please allow me to respond within 48/72 hours, but keep in mind that if you contact me on the weekends/holidays. The response time will be whenever I am available to respond. Also, keep in mind that my workload is heavy and if I don't respond within the allotted time, feel free to send me another email. Thank you for understanding :)**
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For Writing Services, please state the service you want to embark on from the following:
  • Article "How to Write, While being your Authentic Self", + topic of your choice
  • Monthly Package
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  • Query Letter Structure?
  • Synopsis Structure?
  • First 15 pages of your manuscipt.

Scheduling for a Call for Writing Services:
  • To get an idea of what is needed we will schedule a call in order to see what kind of writing services you need. I want to make sure I give you enough guidance when it comes to the writing process.
  • I will send out an email with a link to calendly.
  • Please provide your Name, Email and Phone #.
  • Call or message for consultation: (951) 305-3023.

For Editorial Services, please answer the following:
  • What age category is your manuscript? (middle grade, young adult, new adult, adult)
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  • Description of services/project/run down of your manuscript
  • Deadline

**Please note that when you contact me for Editorial Services, your manuscipt will be screened in for formatting and any additional work that may be needed before accepting your submission. If your submission may need additional guidance then the price will increase to accommodate the workload. Thank you for understanding.**
**Please refer to the "Writing Services" and "Editorial Services" pages for more details :)**

**Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will get represented but this will direct you on the right path toward publication**

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