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Devika Oza


Devika Oza is an illustrator born and raised in Kolkata, the city of joy. She grew up listening to her grandfather’s stories. Every night, he would create whole worlds out of thin air where queens, kings, soldiers and spies were bound together by his captivating tales. His characters would elicit real emotions from Devika – their happiness and their sadness came alive as he orchestrated their fates. She believes illustration brings us closer to this enchanting world of magic and with a pen as her wand, she hopes to weave a spell for others the way her grandfather did for her. 

Devika loves stories with adventure, where the journey of self-revelation unfolds as the characters take topsy turvy paths to overcome all kinds of obstacles. She enjoys bringing different characters to life in her illustrations. The various emotions that a character can portray is what fascinates her. Placing them in indigenous and alien environments is a challenge she loves to face. 

When she’s not drawing, Devika loves to dance, read romance books and watch action movies. She’s been trying to learn the ukulele, much to her brother’s dismay who acts as her virtual audience. Devika enjoys cooking and can eat pasta for every meal for the rest of her life. A die hard Potterhead and The Office fan, she will try to convince everyone she meets to read and watch both. 

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