Analieze Writing & Editorial

You owe it to yourself to share your story amongst the pages.
**Disclosure: All paid projects are in no way related to the Agency I'm working for. Hiring me will in no way be given special consideration for representation of any kind**

Submission Services:

Query Critique: $15
  • Includes line editing, well-established voice, structure, answering any questions.
  • Includes revision once edits have been made.

Query/Synopsis Bundle: $20
  • Query: line editing, well-established voice, structure, answering any questions.
  • Synopsis: line editing, grammar, progression of the plot, the hero's journey/motivation, pacing and exposing the ending.
  • Free Revision for Query only.

Full Bundle Above: $40
  • Includes query, synopsis and first 10 pages of manuscript.

*Note: For additional passes, after the first critique, will there be a $5 fee.

Short Story Service:

Short Story Critique: $15 
  • Line Editing, character development, voice, pacing, answering any questions
  • Including revising once the edits have been made.

Partial Manuscript Services:

First 20 pages:
  • Feedback: $35
  • Feedback + Line Editing + Polishing Up Query Letter $60
First 50 pages:
  • Feedback: $65
  • Feedback + Line Editing + Polishing Up Query Letter $85
First 100 Pages:
  • Feedback + Polishing Up Query Letter: $150

Full Manuscript Services: 

Manuscript Critique: $.003 per word
  • Report on highlighting strengths/weaknesses, pacing, plot development, guidance for future revision
  • Includes a query critique
Development Critique: $.005 per word
  • Report highlighting strengths/weaknesses
  • Includes an in text commentary with my reactions, pointing out grammatical errors/spelling, consistency with tenses (flipping between past/present tense)
  • Searching for character growth/development, plot pacing, dialogue, voice, authenticity, world building etc.
  • Includes a query critique
Line Edit:  $.0115 per word
  • Heavy Editing
  • Focusing on pacing, structure, consistency 
  • Changes to improve character development, structure, voice, world building
  • Includes a query critique
  • Will recieve a 10% discount depending on the readiness (booking of the same manuscript)
Proofreading: $.007 per word
  • Capitalization, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and suggestions on rephrasing awkward sentences
  • Light editing
  • Depending on the first 50 pages (to determine deeper editing)

*Please note that these are just estimates. After consulting with the author and determining length/difficulty of the piece; will there be a final price. Keep in mind that these submissions should not be in first draft form*

*All payments can be made through PayPal, once emailed, I will send out an invoice*

*Disclosure: I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be published. This will help guide you in the right direction.*