Analieze Writing & Editorial

You owe it to yourself to share your story amongst the pages.
  • Queries should be a 1 page single spaced (hook, book, cook)
    • Hook: the pitch
    • Book: what your book is about.
    • Cook: You. Acknowlegements/Awards, whether or not you've been published. Your JOURNEY as a writer.
  • Synopses should be no longer than 1-2 pages double spaced. 
    • If the synopsis is longer than 2 pages. I will help you edit and condense in order to reach the 1-2 pages.
    • It should reveal the beginning, middle, and end (spoilers included)
  • Sample pages should include the beginning of your manuscript.
  • Feel free to remove title pages, table contents, acknowledgements as this will limit the number of pages for service.
  • All materials should be sent as a Word doc. as an attachment
*NOTE: Please keep in mind that all material should not be first draft. Editors are here to help you get your query/manuscript ready for publication. Make sure you have done the necessary editing: one-round of self editing, peer/beta readers/critique partners and making the necessary edits with their feedback before submitting to a freelance editor.

**Disclosure: All paid projects are in no way related to the Agency I'm working for. Hiring me will in no way be given special consideration for representation of any kind**