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You owe it to yourself to share your story amongst the pages...
You owe it to yourself to share your story amongst the pages...

My job is to make you feel comfortable in the way you want to write. Guiding you to bring your authentic self to your writing. To not be afraid to tell the truth even though, it hurts. Be your true self and don't stray away from what others may think. I am known to be raw, authentic when it comes to writing. I dig into those deep emotions, and paint them in my own way of story telling. Bringing light to the darkness. 

I offer to help you through your writing career. To bring you to a state where you shine as your true self, but in writing. Guiding you through world building, character development, and bringing your own experiences and magnifying it into something beautiful. Whether if it's maneuvering from a different career path, or getting through a break up. I am here for you, to guide you.

My job is to help you.
Begin your own stepping stones into the writer you're meant to be. Begin with me, and let's go on this journey together.
  • Article on "How to Write, while being your authetic self" and a topic of your choice: $10
  • Monthly Blog Package: You will receive a never before seen blog twice a month. NO ONE will see these pieces. Sign up for: $20
  • Want an article each week? Weekly Advice Package: 1st week free: then $3 each week (can rotate every other week or can do an article once a month) 
  • I will go into more depth with Journal Prompts: $15-20
    • "How to get Through a Breakup"
    • "Stages of Losing Someone Significant"
    • "Staying True to Your Writing"
    • "How to Build your Experiences into Your Writing"
    • "Build yourself up, After being Broken Down"
    • "Send out Love to Those Who Hurt You"
    • "How Writing is Therapeutic"
    • "How Writing Helped me Get through My Breakup"
    • "Exploring Emotions and Incorporating Them Into Your Writing" etc...
  • Structuring Query Letter for: $10
  • Structuring Synopsis for: $10
  • Need help with your first 15 pages of your manuscipt? $15

*All payments can be made through PayPal, once emailed, I will send out an invoice*

**Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will get represented but this will direct you on the right path toward publication**