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Priya Ardis


Priya Ardis writes strong characters, mysteries, and romance. Her stories come from a childhood of cosplaying She-Ra with bedsheets and branches, staying up late to watch Spock, and spending hours reading at the public library. She learned quickly that even in the leanest times, a book makes you rich. While she loves to vacation at the beach, she lives in the Midwest where she spends her time enjoying the seasons while walking her dog, scribbling in her notebook, and working off her latest running injury.

Her young adult series, about a young Merlin going to high school, mixes modern-day with mythology. Writing as D.G. Priya, her STEM chapter book series, is about a service dog who learns to code and is based on the antics of her sneaky golden retriever. She has a degree in computer science and loves all the things which make us human—to latte or not to latte.

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