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Allegheny Front
Allegheny Front

Allegheny Front

By Laurel Kile
Published by TouchPoint Press
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After a grueling school year, Kate escapes to Pocahontas County, West Virginia to rest and rejuvenate. Unfortunately, a hundred-year flood hits and turns her vacation into an emergency evacuation. After relocating to a mountaintop resort, she finds an unconscious man in the woods, a man whose face she would recognize anywhere. Her celebrity crush, Jeremy Fulton. When Jeremy regains consciousness, he introduces himself as Tim Jones and confides that he came into the wilderness to escape his hectic life. As they grow closer, Kate deals with the conundrum: can she let him know how she feels without telling him she knows his true identity?

290 pages | $16.99 USD | 978-1952816451 | July 5, 2021