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“Working with Analieze was effortless. Her keen insight into my manuscript and excellent grip on character and story transformed my book into something that was well and truly ready to be read by human eyes. Great attention to detail, pace, plot, character and structure. I would have absolutely no issue in recommending her to anyone looking to get their book either ready for the world. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a necessity. Excellent service."
-Colin Weldon | Twitter
"When I submitted my query for editing, I’d felt good about what I wrote. Analieze worked magic and gave it a professional polish it needed to make a fantastic query. She was helpful and communicative throughout the process, and I’m confident Analieze is a worthwhile investment in her help."
-Jacob Tedrow | Twitter
"It was an absolute delight working with Analieze Cervantes. She was lightning fast in delivering a thorough and comprehensive developmental edit of my novel. Thanks to her copious notes, I was able to see and know how to fix areas that sagged in the story and highlight those that worked. Her enthusiasm for my work and wonderful support helped turn what I dreaded would be an onerous task, into one I enjoyed. Highly recommended."
-Kevin Scott Allen
"I can't say enough great things about Analieze. She is an exemplary editor with an amazing eye for detail, a high standard of accuracy and superb instincts. She has an invaluable ability to significantly improve manuscripts while preserving voice and style. I appreciated her professionalism, promptness and flexibility. I look forward to working with her again on future projects!"
-Michelle Picariello | Twitter
"Analieze was professional and polite from the moment I first reached out to her to edit my query letter and synopsis. She consistently showed patience and kindness while working with me as a new writer. Her editing skills are superb. She gave my projects a smooth finish that only a seasoned professional with industry knowledge could provide. Her free second revision also proved to be extremely helpful. She even provided additional editing suggestions before conducting her final review. Her talent and industry knowledge significantly improved my work. I would highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with Analieze again in the future."
-Shellee Marie 
"I contacted Analieze for editorial help with my query letter, synopsis and the first 10 pages of my manuscript. She responded promptly and professionally. Her notes not only helped improve the documents listed above, but also gave me insight into how to improve my manuscript as a whole. Analieze has great attention to detail but is also great at seeing the big picture. I would highly recommend her services."
-Nicole Findlay
"Hiring Analieze for her editorial services was the best thing I did for my manuscript. The feedback she provided me was exactly what I needed to bring me work closer to being ready for submission. Her insights and ideas brought a different perspective to the story with an agent lense and highlighted important elements I'd missed or not considered. She is encouraging while being honest in her constructive feedback which was refreshing and appreciated. She is responsive and delivered earlier than we agreed. You need to work with Analieze!"
-Georgina Kelly | Twitter
"My novel synopsis was a hot mess when I brought it to Analieze. I knew it needed help and I had no idea how to fix it. She offered awesome feedback and asked all the right questions to get me on the right track. I wound up rewriting my synopsis from scratch and feel really confident about the new version. Couldn't have done it without her! Highly recommended. She's a steal!"
-Grace Barber | Twitter 
"Analieze was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was kind, professional, and incredibly thorough. She returned my edits and feedback before our agreed upon date which was awesome! She also suggested material that would help me even more. Will definitely return to her again!"
-Christina Jacquot | Twitter